Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Solutions

We are focused on quality and value

Hueza Co provides full service tank cleaning services. Our team of highly trained technicians will come to your location, inspect the system, make an assessment, pump your tank, back-flush it to thoroughly clean the tank and inspect the tank’s baffles and the overall condition of your tank.

Water Tanks cleaning & disinfecting

Each commercial building drain system has unique potential for clogs and other issues. With over 90% of our business serving commercial properties, we have extensive experience diagnosing issues in complex drain systems, including: Apartment buildings Restaurants Shopping centers Office & Industrial buildings Historic buildings.

Fuel Tanks de-sludging & Cleaning

When the water storage tank has never been cleaned for some time, it contains Sludge, Sediments, Slimy surfaces, Decaying microorganisms like Bacteria, Algae and others, Also your tank may contain dead lizards, spiders, snails and other small insects which creeps on the manhole of the tank. With cutting edge equipment, we Hydro-clean and dis-infest water tanks. We can clean pressed steel tanks, plastic tanks, fiber tanks and concrete tanks of up to 2 million cubic meter. We have the expert and a team of dedicated personnel in making sure that we offer impeccable services to our clients.

Steel tanks de-rusting & Coating

We offer amazing special coatings for storage tanks facilities in water, food and beverage industries. Our products in this line includes specialized tank lining epoxy and resins.