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Who We Are

Hueza is a water and environment company. Over the years, we have noted a gap in keeping our tanks clean and waste water treatment which is a health hazard. We provide a wide range of services in waste water eco-treatment, water tanks cleaning and rehabilitation services.

What we Do

What we can do and What we offer for your business and companies

Water Tanks cleaning & disinfecting

We can clean pressed steel tanks, plastic tanks, fiber tanks and concrete tanks of up to 2 million cubic meters.

Fuel Tanks    de-sludging & Cleaning

We clean fuel tanks, remove sludge residue with contaminated media and
safely dispose within the law.

Steel tanks de-rusting & Coating

We offer amazing special coatings for storage tanks facilites in water, food and
beverage industries.


Eco- Tabs are the latest in the world of Wastewater Treatment, Grease traps, lagoons, dams and lakes Bio-remediation.

Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

We are focused on quality and value to our clients with our best known qualities and virtues


Its been Over 10 Years in the Game! We have indepth knowledge of the services we provide.


We care for Our clients. W e ensure to deliver a commendable and topnotch service before we leave.


Serving Quality is our topmost goal in the service. With Us, Quality is never to be lost.


We provide services that are most efficient with your business.


Trusted by World's Top Companies

"A team that knows their work has been always a team I can recommend to anyone with Tanks cleaning and wastewater bio treatment services and that is Hueza"
Odongo Alphonze
"The service, technical support and products that have supplied us have always been on excellent quality. I highlight the commitment of your company"
Eng. Oliver Muhindi
"Experienced and understand working around time to deliver on their scope when it comes to water tanks cleaning and disinfecting services"
Eng. William Oyuga
'I can comfortably recommend Hueza to anyone in need of their services. This is after they did some excellent job to our beautification pond at Whitesands"
R. Poudel